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[Year End Special] Walnut Brownie 500g + Choc Fruit Cake 450g

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Product Description

Walnut Brownie (500g)
Crispy exterior, fudgy and decadent insides; that’s how we usually describe our Walnut Brownies. Our Walnut Brownies can be eaten deliciously at room temperature, but even better if it’s heated up in a toaster for a good minute or two with a generous scoop of vanilla (or chocolate) ice cream.

Chocolate Fruit Cake (450g).
Our Chocolate Fruit Cake is always the best sought for cakes during the year end season. Our Chocolate Fruit Cake is made from Dark Chocolate, along with our specially prepared mix fruits, soaked in our special citrus concoction that gives a wonderful smell and refreshing taste at each bite. Our Chocolate Fruit Cake is now open for pre-orders for the year end-season as well.